Made in Chelsea – Series 5, Episode 10

Daisy Wyatt
MIC SPENCER 0921 200x300 Made in Chelsea – Series 5, Episode 10

Stallion Spencer is primed for Polo

Polo season is upon us, as are the preparations the cast of Made in Chelsea must make to impress the opposite sex at such equine events.

Stallion Spencer is one step ahead of the game, having already managed to snare Lucy the mare as his girlfriend.

Proudlock and Francis seem to take the pre-polo preparations very seriously (unlike the rest of the slackers who swan off to Barcelona) by channeling the Zen and running sun-kissed through Battersea Park with a group of above-average twenty-somethings.

Proudlock even generously decides to meditate topless, before trying to impress new girl Bea by telling her “I love to play polo in Barbados”.

Ha! All those novelty animal prints and earrings aren’t fooling anyone anymore. There is a rampant Ralph Lauren chino-wearing persona hidden behind that painfully put on Shoreditch exterior after all.

Obviously Francis also likes to dabble in a bit of polo, but such things are to be expected from a man who flies out to Ghana on a business jaunt (in episode seven) to visit the vestiges of colonialism.

It also transpires old Boulle likes a bit of yoga, and in a true moment of enlightenment he proved himself to be the only character to have even a scrap of sense about the underworld of dating.

When Proudster probes him about his lack of activity since Sophia, he replies, legs in lotus position: “I’m trying to push past all these frivolous relationships and seek enlightenment- if the right girl comes along and it feels right, it will be right.”

We can at least take some solace in the fact the right girl has come along for Spencer. Lucy Watson is his self-satisfied, conniving counterpart, and it’s hard to disagree that the two aren’t made for each other.

So much so I felt a pang when Lucy said yes and the two kissed on the Barca balcony. The game playing is over. I guess we were rooting for the two hugely unlikeable characters to get together all along (although never to the same extent as Francis and Sophia. Sob).

But the course of love never did run smooth, even for two such well-suited egoists. Sure enough something is already brewing in camp Luc-er (just an ‘if’ away from Lucifer) as Watson is unhappy with the number of people who have already warned her that Spenny might cheat on her.

And watch Spencer twist her words just as he did to my-little-pony Louise, claiming he is going through an ordeal “having to deal with” the fact that people are warning her about his rogue past sexual infidelities.

He has admitted he’s falling in love with Lucy though, and she gave a slight nod of agreement. Though that nod with the half-open lips and glint of self-congratulation in her eye looked much more like she was in love with being loved.

Still, at least she can take something from the fact that Spencer will never cheat on her because he “respects her”. For now.

There are still two more episodes to go and I’m predicting a lot more turbulence if the series is to reach its usual crescendo in the finale.

Will it turn out Spencer cheated with Phoebe in Louise’s bed? Will Louise beg Spencer to get back with her? Or will Jamie finally realise it’s he, not Spencer, who’s not ready to be in a relationship?

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    Made in Chelsea …… TOWIE ……. All a load of Pap!

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