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Twitter provides, for big Twitter users such as The Independent, a service called Analytics, which summarises activity (favourites, retweets and replies in the right-hand columns). Thus I can present the most popular tweets of the past 24 hours, if you want to catch up:

Germany manages to sell 6x as many goods to China as UK while remaining “shackled to the corpse” of EU…

19 hours ago

6 26 4
The text-reading software is a bit ropey, but this is a treasure trove: the Spectator Archive, now online…

19 hours ago

6 6 2
This is extraordinary. Specator Archive. 1st article by Anthony Blair, 18 Aug 1979… Just online…

19 hours ago

11 16 5
Who wrote this embarrassing stuff for the PM? “More emphasis on modern methods of computing like coding..”…

20 hours ago

4 20 11
Mandela and Prince Philip exchange sarcastic ‘get well soon’ cards…

23 hours ago

1 11 1
Obama is checking your email

23 hours ago

2 16 5
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