The Automatic Blair Hate Two-Page Spreadmaker

John Rentoul

dirty 300x229 The Automatic Blair Hate Two Page SpreadmakerWorld Exclusive: How the Daily Mail Recycling Machine works.

<IF>Day of Week <LOOKUP>

<a byzantine network of inter-related companies>

<grease the wheels>

<cloaked in a web of secrecy>

<various opaque business ventures>


<propelled the ex-Labour leader>

<the ranks of the super-rich>



<some of the world’s most evil regimes>

<Blair Inc>

<nexus of money and power>


<myriad international deals>

<we have our own psychological problems but this is a lot easier>


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  • Pacificweather

    Now you have gone and let the cat out of the bag to the Labour voters who never read the Daily Mail. Their strap line is “We only tell the truth by accident”. Now people will think it is one or their accidents.

  • Guest

    The Independent Blogs’ own “Blair Defence system” continues to function, despite major logic failure.

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