“It’s almost as if New Labour didn’t happen”

John Rentoul

Tony Blair 998986c 300x187 It’s almost as if New Labour didn’t happenQuotation of the Day, from Deborah Mattinson, boss of Britain Thinks, about focus groups’ views of the Labour Party:

People have started to define Labour by the past rather than the present. It’s almost as if New Labour didn’t happen. So when we ask people in focus groups, ‘What is the Labour party policy on the economy?’ They go back to the old fashioned tax and spend. That’s where they see Labour now.

From BBC Radio 4 Today programme last week, via Dan McCurry, a brilliant blog post on why Labour shouldn’t have sacked the lead singer for the bass player in 2007.

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  • JohnJustice

    Upholding the law in this country means relying on people not abusing it by using its niceties to wriggle out of guilty verdicts, especially when intelligence information cannot be divulged.

    Unfortunately some lawyere are past masters at doing this which militates against justice being done in certain cases.

  • Bosshammer

    Stop apologising and just fcku off!

  • Pacificweather

    An interesting view of justice. Are you Baron Mackay of Clasfern?

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