The Danger of Lauren Booth

John Rentoul

lauren 1809656c 300x187 The Danger of Lauren BoothLauren Booth has been exercising her right to free speech on ITV’s Daybreak, reports the Telegraph:

Ms Booth’s brother-in-law, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, previously said there is a ‘problem within Islam’ which allows the seeds of extremism to be sown in the wake of the killing [the murder of Lee Rigby].

Asked if he was right, Ms Booth replied: ‘Absolutely not, and I think it’s very dangerous to take a summary of a religion from a man who’s overseen the invasion of several Muslim countries, and overseen a war where a million people whom are Muslim have been killed and millions displaced, so I wouldn’t take that as a kind of basis for any information on Islam.’

Tell you what is dangerous: it is intelligent people feeding an ideology of Muslim grievance which is based on what they, if positions were reversed, would call lies.

By “several Muslim countries”, does Booth mean Kosovo, where the Muslim population had fled Milosevic’s “ethnic cleansing” and were returned to their homes by Nato under Blair’s leadership? Does she mean Sierra Leone, where 60 per cent of the population is Muslim and were saved by British intervention from the limb-chopping rapists of the RUF?

No, we know what she means. But there is no credible estimate of the death toll in Iraq of anything like 1 million. The true figure over a decade, overwhelmingly killed by other Muslims, is around 170,000. As I have said repeatedly, this is terrible enough to require no exaggeration by those who disagreed with enforcing UN resolutions against Saddam Hussein.

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  • mightymark

    The word “Nazi” made clear that it was the regime that was objectionable. With the Iranians its clear that the mean no “Israel” of any kind and “ZIonist Israel” is of course, just a tautology.

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