Made in Chelsea – Series 5, Episode 12

Daisy Wyatt

mic 7 300x225 Made in Chelsea – Series 5, Episode 12SPOILERS: Do not read this if you have not seen series 5, episode 12 of ‘Made in Chelsea’

What a flat way to end series five. Why mess with a pristine format? Made in Chelsea won a Bafta for ‘constructed reality,’ not a load of twentysomethings enduring a fake awards ceremony in a badly lit studio.

The producers have decided for the last few series that the best way to stage a finale is to put on a ‘lolz’ live party with tongue-in-cheek spoofs and awkward on-stage interviews.

Glad though I am that Binky’s mum has been awarded a Silver Spoon for her services to sex discussions, I think a proper staged reality episode that explained Louise’s devious whereabouts and delved into Spencer’s further infidelity would have been a more satisfyingly cathartic end to the series.

Louise’s strange sleepover remains unresolved, as do details about why Spencer cheated on Lucy. It was a frustrating ending for the devoted viewer. Jamie Laing laid up in bed with the mumps was not a fitting Made in Chelsea finale: someone needed to get slapped, a long-lost couple should have been reconciled.

As for the ‘live pardy’ (which wasn’t even live, you could have watched it on E4 for the past seven days) it felt more like a ‘live parody’ with various sketches and side commentary from host Rick Edwards.

This is why the finale didn’t work on another level: we don’t want to be reminded on camera that Made in Chelsea isn’t true. The live pardy did nothing more than pull down a smokescreen of reality that the producers have so worked hard to create.

The superhero and gay porn sketches were entertaining (especially Binky’s Mum in bed with Spencer at the end), but only served to confuse the fundamental premise of the show: it is about posh people who do not realise how ridiculously posh they are.

The Made in Chelsea cast are not supposed to be self-consciously ironic. They are not supposed to take part in spoofs about their farfetched lives (eg Francis camping out in a ‘Ghanaian’ Chelsea square). We are meant to be laughing at them, they should not be laughing with themselves.

Tongue-in-cheek ‘lolz’ is the reserve of hipsters and students- E4’s target audience as it happens, which would explain the misguided format- not averagely intelligent public school types.

Host Rick Edwards said series six “promises to be a corker” and let’s hope he’s right, even if he continued to let the façade fall by telling us he’s already read the scripts.

Here’s to another season of Made in Chelsea, for it is a brilliant watch, but may it have more resolved on-screen antics, less of Spencer and Louise, more of Binky and her Mum, and please, no end of series live party.

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  • gingerpops

    I loved it! The boys are very good actors, and have the b*lls to laugh at themselves.
    The boys seem nicer than the girls. However, they are all good-looking except Andy.
    Can’t see the attraction at all, dislike his staring eyes.

  • jay5555

    It was worth it for Mark Francis admiting he had no idea of the other cast members names.

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