Could Hitler come to power today?

John Rentoul

democ 300x259 Could Hitler come to power today?Another push to get to number 1,000 in my series of Questions To Which The Answer Is No. Number 966 is asked by The Economist, unexpectedly, but it can be only a matter of time before it is detected by the Automatic QTWTAIN Generator at the Daily Mail and recycled.

Number 966 (pictured) was asked by Max Hastings in the … oh, you knew.

Number 967, asked by Norman Geras, doesn’t really count because he asks it in order to explain that the answer is indeed no:

Does reading make us more human?

Indeed, the answer might actually be yes, depending on what the meaning of “make” is, because reading, which humans do a lot of, is a peculiar activity for a primate and is therefore one of the most distinctive behaviours of homo sapiens. But I’ve included it anyway because Geras is a particular hero of mine.

Number 968, asked by Huffington Post’s Twitter account:

Do horror films such as World War Z reveal something dark lurking in our psyches?

Thanks to Tom Doran.

Number 969, local news category, asked by The Cumberland News and spotted by Diamond Dave Wonfor.

carlisle 225x300 Could Hitler come to power today?

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  • Vanda Hamilton

    Jesus. There had to be one.

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