Dish of the Day: The top 5 craft lagers

Will Coldwell

beer1 225x300 Dish of the Day: The top 5 craft lagersSummer is finally here. On a hot afternoon, with burger in hand and barbeque smoke in the air, nothing is quite as thirst-quenchingly delicious as a lager. I’ve mentioned in past blogs some fantastic lagers, such as Curious Brew or Kona Longboard, but wanted to bring up a few more personal favourites. Here’s a round up of five craft lagers – in no particular order – that you’ll definitely want in your ice bucket.

William Bros Ceilidh 4.7%

From the brewers behind Froach Heather Ale (which I could harp on about for hours given the chance), this lager deservedly picked up a Gold at last years SIBA awards. Brewed with a blend of hops mainly from the continent, it is excellently balanced with a crisp body, lemony aroma and a biscuity finish which adds a moreish aftertaste to every sip.

Brooklyn Lager 5.2%

This beer may have a reputation for being a hip beer to sip, but its prevalence in East London bars isn’t just down to image, nor for the that matter, the sheer number of New Yorkers now living in this part of the capital. No, Brooklyn Lager truly is a delicious drink. A full bodied, amber lager, it boasts a deliciously sweet, toffee-like maltiness that has you salivating for more. Offset with a fragrant bitterness as a result of dry hopping, this is a lager you can glug as much as you can savour.

Freedom Organic Lager 4.8%

An old favourite, Freedom brewery were one of the first small breweries in the UK to take on the challenge of producing a lager. You could say it was a pretty successful endeavour. Now widely available, their Organic Lager is pale and refreshing with a touch of bitterness. The popularity of it is no doubt behind their recent collaboration with Jamie Oliver (and beer writer Melissa Cole), producing the sweet and fruity Liberta lager for his chain of Italian restaurants.

Harviestoun Schiehallion 4.8%

Quite possibly my favourite lager to date (a sentiment shared by a lot of people, if the host of awards it has are anything to go by), this is a delicate lager that is the perfect accompaniment for fish, lean meats or salads. It is artfully dry and light with a maple syrup sweetness and an intriguing mix of fruit flavours in the nose.

Camden Hells 4.6%

Camden Brewery have enjoyed a similar success story to Freedom; their fantastic lager has helped bring their whole beer range to a much wider audience. It’s a deliciously pale lager, somewhere between a Helles and a Pilsner, it’s a crisp, dry, pale lager that won’t throw you – it’s just a great tasting, classic beer.

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  • Low Ackworth Room Room

    Mostly under 5%! Breakfast beers the lot of ‘em! Humbug.

    @ Will Coldwell – would it be possible to work into future pieces whether featured drinks are vegan? Cheers.

  • maggied808


  • Alex_Cheshire

    There are only two types of bottles of lager, those which are full, and those which aren’t. That’s all you need to know ;-)

  • Peter

    These “Top 10″ or “Top 5″ useless space filling articles are becoming a real bore. How about a Top 10 of the most boring Top 10 lists published in the Independent?

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