Hungary may not stay in the EU to be insulted

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Ask a Hungarian if he or she feels better inside the EU or without it. I think the chances are that the answer would shame Europe. And it is not the fault of Hungarians. They simply do not understand why they should be the target of outside attacks for reasons they just cannot fathom. Or just suspect that it is the two-thirds majority of the center-right Fidesz government that they elected in the spring of 2010, which bothers Europe.

Take the example of Klubradio, the radio station supposedly muzzled by the authorities. For years, it has been on the lips of Commissioner Neelie Kroes, responsible for the digital agenda, lashing out at the Hungarian government’s supposed abuse of its power.

If the topic came up in the EU, reporters from the most prestigious papers have never failed to show up. Journalists from the Budapest stations have been paraded in Brussels to demonstrate a living proof of the oppressed media in Hungary.

“Today the European Federation of Journalists expressed its outrage at the recent closure of the well-known radio station KlubrĂĄdiĂł, and calls on the Media Authority to apply international standards on pluralism and media freedom, and to take into consideration KlubrĂĄdiĂł’s unique position when allocating licenses.” This media release, dated December 22, 2011, was followed, the next day, by an article in The Wall Street Journal with the title “Hungary Hurts Press Freedom, Say Journalists Groups”. Its first sentence reads: “Public outcry and international criticism is becoming an everyday noise concerning Hungary”. Do you know how this “silenced” station fares now? It has been beaming its stuff without interruption and since recently, it is doing it for free of charge.

Would Westerners wish to close down the leading internet sites, the biggest circulation dailies, the most popular broadcasting stations in Hungary? Don’t do it, please, otherwise the opposition will have fewer voices to tell the people that Europe also backs its own worst views on the “Orban dictatorship.”

In my opinion, the same commissioners, the western press and western politicians, that shed huge crocodile tears for the supposed loss of checks and balances in Hungary, are numb or do not give a hoot if members of the large Hungarian communities living in countries neighbouring Hungary are beaten up for merely being Hungarians, or speaking Hungarian, or are not allowed to use their language in public, or are banned from using their mother tongue in their own churches.

I am also sick of hearing that Hungarians are anti-Semitic, xenophobic, anti-gypsy, and the rest of the dictionary of negative adjectives. Or that the government is like the one in Belarus or Kazakhstan. And also that Viktor Orban, the head of their government, is a Napoleon II, a puszta Putyin, a Mussolini, or worse.

I am fed up with hearing from their parties in the opposition, as echoed by EU officials, and an uncritical Western press, that the country is not a republic any more by virtue of the new constitution, while its second article specifies that “Hungary is a republic.”

When I look around today’s Hungary, I can see that its own citizens do not see a dictatorship. On the contrary, they do not lose their eyesight by getting hit by a rubber bullet salvo fired by unidentified policemen at demonstrations, as was the case under the previous socialist-left-liberal coalition. And they see a press that uses a language in attacking the government or the politicians of the ruling coalition, which would not see print in any western country.

Hungarians are disgusted, as any population facing an outside threat, and they are rallying around their government. If the outside attack against Hungary continues, the ruling Fidesz government will win next year’s elections not with a two-thirds, but a four-fifths majority, while the far right Jobbik party may increase its share of the parliamentary seats with UKIP-style rhetoric against the EU.

And – watch out, Europe – Hungarians may demand a referendum so that they can leave the organization of their daily tormentor, even before the Brits might have the opportunity to express their opinion on the European Union.

  • Kot Kodus

    I fully agree with your views on the freedom of the opinion and speech. Furthermore I would not ban the expression of radical ideas either (as far as they are not meant to promote physical harm to other people). I just do not beleive in the power of banning anything.

    Radical ideas must be defeated by education and by promoting common sense, not by rules and decrees.

  • Scott Moore

    “You are not anonymous because you provided a name which can be anything.” That does not make any sense. You are clearly hiding your real identity behind a pseudonym. Whereas I provided my real name and photo, which can easily be verified if you would care to search on the Web.

    “Can you copy me definitions from the internet when can you call somebody ‘common senseless’?” Neither does that sentence make sense. Definitions do not give permission – they explain the meaning behind words or phrases. If ‘common sense 019′ gave his (or her) real name then I would use it. But he hasn’t, so I see no reason not to use my own pseudonym for him.

  • Vika Annefors

    Well, if the extreme right is factual, correct, well balanced, very democratic, and pluralist I do not want to be any of those.

  • Gabor1952

    As compared to Gyurcsany’s clean and competent government, right?

  • hopi2013

    Comparing the bad with the worse, that is what is left to Hungarians.

  • Gabor1952

    Is it not up to us Hungarians? Go and vote for those whom you see best.
    I certainly will. And while I am not 100% happy with FIDESZ, for me they are still the best choice.

  • hopi2013

    I have always voted and will vote. And never to this FIDESZ mafia

  • common sense 019

    And what are you Scottie boy? An ignorant idiot? That would fit pretty well with you …

  • common sense 019

    Me deflecting from the topic? Hmmm :) Are you having reading and comprehension difficulties? Maybe not … maybe you are just suffering from selective understanding.

    My first sentence was “I love your patronizing attitude”, the following reference to the British Empire was an illustration of the sentence. I know this is a rather complicated literary form for you, but you can’t say I tried …

    About government support: According to polls, the government has 47% support among decided voters, and it won the overwhelming majority off all the by-elections during the past three years, since it came to power.

    I am addressing my questions to you, because you are just as ignorant, arrogant and opinionated as the “leftist EU leadership”.

  • Gabor1952

    Then you will have 2 options in 2014: Teddy’s pathetic friends from Szarszo, or Jobbik.

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