Proof: Georgia is the Best Font Ever

John Rentoul

typeface Proof: Georgia is the Best Font EverThis is old, from 2006, but important, because it reinforces my prejudice, in this case that Georgia is the best typeface. Andrew Sullivan has linked to an essay by Chris Gayomali from earlier this month which includes a reference to a 2006 study by Phil Renaud, which found that his marks varied according to the typeface in which they were presented.

The best marks on average were obtained by essays written in Georgia; the next best by those in Times Roman; and the lowest marks by those in Trebuchet MS, which I have never used until now.

If any of you have dissertations still to be handed in, hit Ctrl-A, Font, Georgia, before printing.

This blog, sadly, is in Verdana.

Update: Some more nominations. Tom Doran likes Photina (below), but it is not available on Google Docs (or at least, not unless you do some stuff). I’d say 12pt Cambria is nearly as good as 11pt Georgia (both were designed for Microsoft). Amos likes Lucida Bright, which is similar. Josh Blacker likes Helvetica Neue, which is sans-serif, so I’m not keen.

Meanwhile Adrian Mcmenamin points out that the study on which this font obsession is based has a flaw, if the later essays were in Georgia and the earlier ones in Trebuchet. Killjoy.

photina 300x200 Proof: Georgia is the Best Font Ever

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  • Hill244

    Did Uncle Monty in “Withnail & I” speak in Georgia?

  • Citizen Sane

    “Georgia on my mind…..”

  • pearson

    Times New Roman uses less apace than Arial and is easier to read….ever read a book printed in Arial?

  • G Man

    The best font EVAH!!!!!!!!!!!!


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