Koder: The new Kano?

Love it or hate it, Lord of the Mics has definitely brought some MCs to the mainstream masses’ attention.

Kozzie, Merky Ace, MIK, Rival and many others have enjoyed heavy success – debatably – as a result of the clashing platform. These particular acts are leading the way in the race toward the ‘revitalisation’ of grime – if, indeed, such a goal could exist.

Last month, Tego Sigel, writing for RWD Magazine, posed the question: “Dizzee Rascal, what happened?” before claiming that ten years after Boy In Da Corner (Dizzee’s debut album – classic grime listening) we try not to remember most of the releases post-2003.

“We cringed when he showed up with James Cordon on Shout For England but accepted that his heart was probably in the right place,” he says. Adding: “S***, as far as we’re concerned, Tongue N’ Cheek never actually happened.”

So who are these new guys trying to fill the ‘Pioneer’ void that Dizzee left behind? I got in touch with the team behind Koder; who are likening him to another grime pioneer, Kano – whose NASTY Crew exploits and subsequent Home Sweet Home album also personify grime’s highest points.

The track they’re promoting “Avenger,” is certainly a good track. It’s grimy, without being too niche – a winner in my book. But I don’t quite get this Kano comparison.

I’ve heard quite a bit of Koder and, aside from being a decent artist, I’ve never exactly had him down as being the new grime scene savior (plus, we all know what happened to the last one *cough* Chipmunk *cough*).

The video to Avenger will drop later today and features Ruthless tempos, an aggressive concise flow tied in with the ’steam’ he so rightly says he brings to a track.

Koder is certainly a new voice in grime and should definitely be one to look out for – let’s just not go jumping to conclusions just yet.

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  • choochoopaul

    Ever remember when the media did not promote Hollywood casting sofa now transfered to pretend music gangsta crap wannabee’s?

    Seems a journalist is getting his a**e filled to promote this.

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