Katie Hopkins on This Morning: Your reactions in Tweets

Matilda Battersby

Katie Hopkins has caused outrage with an appearance on ITV’s This MorningAN23258213EDITORIAL USE ONL 225x300 Katie Hopkins on This Morning: Your reactions in Tweets by claiming that she “didn’t like” children with “lower class” names such as Charmaine, Chantelle, Chardonnay and Tyler and that she would prevent her own offspring from playing with them.

The former Apprentice contestant said: “It’s not just class…There’s a whole set of things that go with children like that. They are quite a disruptive influence at school. That’s why I don’t like those sort of children,” Hopkins said, adding that such kids probably didn’t do their homework and were unlikely to have “good prospects”.

A public vote conducted by This Morning showed that 91 per cent of viewers disagreed with Hopkins’ views and would not judge a child by their name.

Here are some of your reactions on Twitter:

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  • Michael John Naretto

    I admit that I stereotype when I hear certain names. Not that it is right but I do it.

  • JoeUSA

    Just one question, who the heck is Katie Hopkins??

  • Tharg the Mighty

    Gag ball her.

  • kyslim

    When I have a boy I’m going to call him Trayvon and if its a girl I’m calling her Latiesha

  • Sarah

    I wonder if the parents of Charmaine, Chantelle and Chardonnay have had numerous affairs with married men and have been photographed having sex in a field in broad daylight with them? Do they have an endless list of step children as a result like yourself? I suggest you go and have a word with yourself my dear as you may speak snooty mare but quite frankly, you have the manners, attitude and morals of an alley cat. Your comments were totally hypocritical, contradictory and slanderous. I should imagine that any decent parent, regardless of class and name, would never consider allowing their to associate with such an appalling excuse for a human being. You will now be even more disliked than previously and it is all your own doing.

  • ecidon


  • ecidon

    I admit I do that as well. I stereotype people who pointlessly use their middle names as self righteous prigs.

  • Thomas C. Kearney

    “”There’s nothing on it worthwhile, and we’re not going to watch it in this household, and I don’t want it in your intellectual diet.” – Philo Farnsworth, inventor of television, to his son.

  • dewdroppings

    The term politically correct is untranslatable but it has entered the Greek language and many others. NO OTHER COMMENT. i AM THE FURIOUS CURIOUS CANCER SURVIVOR on google

  • Matthew McVeagh

    I have only just been made aware of this woman but already I’m seeing several strong signs of narcissism – self-importance, sense of superiority and casual disregard for the effects of her behaviour on others, specifically.

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