Interview with Jammer: Can grime be like fine wine? Does it get better with age?

jammer 300x200 Interview with Jammer: Can grime be like fine wine? Does it get better with age?Jammer, one of the grime tree’s older fruits, is on the move. His album, released last week, Living the Dream, is definitely a new angle.

“I’m a big man but I’m not 30,” he used to say on one of grime’s more momentous tracks, Skepta’s ‘Duppy Vocal’. Last year, on the remix of that very same record, Jammer, born Jahmek Power, rhymed: “I’m a big man but I’m not 40″. Grime is definitely ageing.

Living the Dream seems to represent a side of Jammer I’ve not seen before. He reiterates this when speaking with me.

“People know me and know my music but do they really want to hear a full album of just me?” I’d thought something similar when agreeing to this interview. I’ve seen Jammer shut down grime events left, right and centre but do I really want to listen to him for an entire album?

“It’s a different wave,” he says. “There’s a track on Living the Dream called “Fast Life” featuring Skepta and Lay-z. It’s completely fresh; fresh tune, fresh beat, fresh lyrics. It’s not something you might usually hear me on.”

“I recorded everything in 12 months… except Big Man which I had from last year,” he nostalgically recalls. “Body and Soul is my favourite track. Just me on a beat.”

Again, I’m still not sure I want to hear a full album of Jammer.

It wasn’t until I heard Fast Life on Logan Sama’s Kiss100 Monday night show that I realise the listening potential involved.

The routinely difficult to please Grime Forum even gave a few hard-to-come-by compliments. One putting: “Was impressed with how good it is actually, much better than I anticipated.”

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