Lady Gaga has closed her Twitter account: what will we miss?

James Legge
gaga getty 300x225 Lady Gaga has closed her Twitter account: what will we miss?

Lady Gaga has shut down her Twitter account

Imagine our surprise, diving into Twitter for the latest digitised musings of Lady “bluffin’ with my muffin” Gaga, only to find that the account has been put on ice.

The technophilic hitmaker – an early adopter of Twitter who was among the first to get one million followers – has apparently shut down the feed.

She currently has over 39 million followers. That techno-legion hasn’t received any direct dispatches from Ms G since Ferbruary 5, when she tweeted – amongst other things:

But a sequel to that nugget might be a way off, because Gaga’s account now displays a generic Twitter “egg” picture and a message saying: “This interface has been shutdown temporarily. Please check back for updates.”

The “updates” might involve her upcoming album ARTPOP, which is slated for release soon.

If you’re wondering what you’ll be missing out on during the hiatus, we at Fame Feed have found a few of the more literary tweets which we can only hope come thick and fast once she’s back up and running again.


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  • Maori

    What’s worse?

    A fading Spice Girl or the middle aged men who publicly blog about her?

  • DWN123

    Answer: People who do not know when retire gracefully…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • bojimbo26

    If her real name was used , nobody would know who it is .

  • Lucy McFadden


  • MakeMPsOwnUp

    “…her upcoming album ARTPOP, which is slated” there should have been a fullstop there.

  • John Goatbirth

    We’ll miss absolutely f*** all from the banal, talentless, insipid wench.

  • Christopher Evans

    Not a patch on @cher ’s tweets…

  • thumper_the_rabbit

    Why Do You Capitalise Every Word?

  • John Doe

    Who cares?

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