Frank Ocean won’t be seeing the Pyramids: Channel Orange star ditches Egypt trip over post-coup violence and websites overreact

James Legge
frank louise goodwin 225x300 Frank Ocean wont be seeing the Pyramids: Channel Orange star ditches Egypt trip over post coup violence and websites overreact

Frank Ocean playing the Brixton academy (Photo: Louise Goodwin)

Frank Ocean has reproven his pharoah-like ability to raise a reaction from even the smallest twitch, making headlines with the mere announcement that he thought about going to Egypt… then didn’t.

The R&B hero – who just played two sold-out nights at the Brixton Academy in London – recently wrote on his uber-expressive blog: “i really wanted to go to cairo in between europe and australia.. might let things settle some.”

And no sooner had he posted the message than websites abounded with headlines of “Frank Ocean cancels Egypt trip.” Some even said he’d cancelled tour dates.

He didn’t have any dates booked in Cairo, but had thought about a short break there. He wrote: “there’s no label or touring firm dollars involved. all pennies from my pocket. in support of some odd daydream.”

While post-coup violence and turmoil rage on plenty of Egypt’s streets, Mr Ocean might be well-advised to avoid its capital. Which is a shame, given his obvious interest in the country’s history and culture, as expressed in his epic genre-blend, Pyramids:

Still riding high in music fans’ hearts since scoring the top-rated album of 2012, Ocean said he might “go to south africa instead and place some flowers on a gate for the president. for being epic and 94.”

Nelson Mandela, the country’s anti-apartheid hero and former president, is still in hospital in Pretoria.

Ocean is also playing Wireless festival this weekend before a show in Dublin.

  • Emily Thorne

    So this was a non-story pretty much, which this article writer was commissioned to writ another on-story pretty much about?
    Other than Frank Ocean doesn’t capitalise countries or continents.

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