That Lynton Crosby Furore In Full

John Rentoul

David Crosby 9542347 1 402 300x300 That Lynton Crosby Furore In FullIsn’t it most likely:

(a) that David Cameron and Lynton Crosby had a discussion about plain packaging for cigarettes along the lines of, “We can’t discuss plain packaging for cigarettes because of your client list”; and

(b) that having Labour bang on about Crosby, who most normal people, if pressed, would say was a folk rock musician, suits the Prime Minister down to the ground?

Photograph: No, not him

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  • jaydeepee

    Rentoul, aptly named.

  • Pacificweather

    Flying porkers! Where’s me gun.

  • reformist lickspittle

    One is reminded irresistibly that the likes of Rentoul, not that long ago, dismissed the furore over a certain Andy Coulson as “a story that was going nowhere”. Hmmm……

    Cameron’s answer yesterday on this was a classic “non-denial denial”. Even quite a few journos on Tory papers are nowhere near as impressed by it as you are ;)

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