Will the heatwave kill us all?

John Rentoul

jfkrfk 239x300 Will the heatwave kill us all?Seasonal Question To Which The Answer Is No, asked by The Guardian, taking us up to number 979 in my series.

Thanks to Tom Chivers, who saw it first.

The Twitter account for LIFE magazine asked number 980, of this photograph (right, Getty):

Is this the greatest photo ever made of how politics really works?

I mean, it is one of the all-time greats, but “how politics really works”? Not really. Thanks to Clive Davis and Professor Steven Fielding.

Number 981 was asked by the New Statesman:

Has J K Rowling betrayed women writers in her decision to publish as Robert Galbraith?

Thanks to Politics and Tea (@politicsftwin).

And number 982 was asked by the South Wales Argus:

Does reader pic capture ghostly apparition in Abergavenny’s Skirrid Inn? (Picture below.)

Thanks to Martin.

ghost 190x300 Will the heatwave kill us all?

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  • Hill244

    Typo. It was Roberta Galbraith.

  • zlop

    Not by Fire, but by Ice — Commoners have to be culled.
    Thunderstorm Thermostat limits high temperatures.

  • zlop

    There a gender change in the untold story ?

  • Hill244

    Attempt at humour. One could always read the Dully Te*egraph

  • zlop

    Not amused,
    Some are Royally sophisticated beyond humor.

  • bobbellinhell

    Here’s another question which has an obvious answer, for Mr R to consider: ‘Did Bliar and Campbell really believe that Iraq had chemical weapons which it could use to attack the UK at 45 minutes’ notice?’

  • Terry Field

    Many will die, and be rendered down to become loft insulation.

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