Insania: Peter André finds medical student girlfriend…who is pregnant aged 23

Daisy Wyatt
Peter Andre Emily MacDonagh 681x1024 Insania: Peter André finds medical student girlfriend...who is pregnant aged 23

Peter Andre with girlfriend Emily MacDonagh (Getty Images)

Peter André has been snapped lovingly caressing his girlfriend’s iron-board stomach at an awards night, sending sirens to the showbiz world that she MUST BE PREGNANT.

But today a spokeswoman has confirmed that Emily MacDonagh, 23, a recently-graduated medical student from the University of Bristol, is in fact pregnant with the 40-year-old singer’s child.

How did former hubby to Britain’s biggest glamour model Katie Price meet said medical student? Through her surgeon father, who operated on André’s kidney stones and since became “very close” to the former singer turned TV presenter.

The couple are thought to have been dating for the past year and a source told The Sun that Emily still wants to have a career as a doctor “so it is very unlikely she will be a stay at home Mum”.

But having just finished her degree in medicine aged 23, Emily will still have to complete two years of medical training on a placement in an assigned location somewhere in the UK to fully qualify- an unlikely scenario in her near future.

Meanwhile Peter André is said to be “absolutely thrilled” about the pregnancy, and no doubt he is also over the moon to have  bagged a younger, cleverer girl than he.

One leap forward for middle-aged men, one giant step back for aspiring girls in their early twenties?

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  • Craig Mansfield

    How is it a step back that she’s found a man who will love her, and look after her child when she goes to work?
    Even if they split up in 20 years time, they can still be friends.

    Open your mind, convention kills people.

  • ShlomoShunn

    Yeah, that’s right: use men for money.

    Yet feminuts wonder why ever-more men avoid marriage today, preferring to “go their own way,” spicing their lives with the occasional “hump-and-dump” of a thoroughly modern vaginate.

    War is war. Teh wimminz started the ongoing gender one. Now men are finally firing back!

  • ShlomoShunn

    The real deal: the author of the article is not a hottie. Ergo, like an aging feminist, she can’t stand that all men don’t want HER.

    Wait until she gets older!

    Many aging fembots acted arrogantly when young and turning heads. Now older and turning stomachs, they’re angry. They can’t stand men their age boinking girls who could be their daughters.

    Nothing changes, save feminuts– who think they rule the world with their philosophy– aging. Then they learn, too late, that their real power was physiology (youthfulness). Further down the time tunnel, rapidly losing looks/clout, they become bitter. Some start the process much younger, like Ms. Wyatt seems to.


    Fembots think they can avoid it.


  • Michael Scanlon

    She’ll have chronic neck ache within a few weeks….

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