Housing market: nonsense, nonsense, nonsense

John Rentoul

graun 300x273 Housing market: nonsense, nonsense, nonsenseJust because George Osborne’s Help to Buy scheme is evidently stupid, doesn’t mean you can write any old rubbish. The Guardian’s leading article this morning is typical of the pap that is usually written about housing. More than 100,000 houses are being built each year. This is quite a lot. The shortfall from the Five-Year Plan requirement of 240,000, laid down by GosHouse, has not caused a “housing crisis”, which is not how you could describe the situation in this country today. And if demand exceeds supply, it pushes up prices, it does not cause “bubbles and busts”.

The inane slogan “Build More Houses”, of which this article is the 700-word version, is not simple, cheap or necessarily desirable, depending on what sort of houses and where.

And the phrase “directed building programme” ought to chill the heart of anyone with the dimmest recall of the mistakes of the past.

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  • Pacificweather

    The article is rubbish but then, dear John, some of yours are not the sweetest smelling. For some strange reason you are quite rational about housing, if only ’twas the same about politics.

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