Jedward change name to ‘John and Edward- Jedward’

Daisy Wyatt

Jedward 240x300 Jedward change name to John and Edward  JedwardIrish pop duo Jedward have changed their name in a re-branding exercise to make them sound more grown up.

The X Factor runners up will now go by ‘John and Edward- Jedward’ – not so much a total change of name, but a timely reminder that the boys are no longer teenagers.

Their management has called the move a “metamorphosis” as they develop from teenage pop stars into ‘mature artists’.

The re-branding follows their move last year to get rid of their signature over-sized quiffs that won them fame on the ITV talent contest (although they are pictured here last month with quiffs, but maybe not to the same horizontal-defying heights).

As one insider said: “To quote Louis Walsh all that jumping around was starting to look stupid”

  • stevehill6

    You can imagine some kind of “Father Ted” script here. John: ‘Look, you’ve got your whole name in there, while I’ve just got the J, and three quarters of my name has disappeared’. Edward: ‘Ah but you’ve got the capital letter and you come first’. Louis: ‘Hang on boys, I’ve got an idea…’

  • Fayez79

    Jedward is also cheap and childish and stage II require their proper names…

  • george

    “kuntz” sounds right

  • John Doe

    Who cares?

  • harry hart

    I thought they might have given Edjoh a whirl. That is a fairly stupid name for these idiots.

  • Robert Jones

    I changed their name quite a while ago. Not repeatable here – respectable, family newspaper.

  • John Goatbirth

    These two need to be removed from the public eye immediately.

  • ebaytkmax

    Good for them, as usual I wish them all the very best! At least they don’t let fame go to their heads, like silly Bieber by spitting on his fans below……

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