GQ receives threatening tweets from One Direction fans over 1D covers

Daisy Wyatt

One Direction GQ1 1024x268 GQ receives threatening tweets from One Direction fans over 1D coversGQ released a series of “terrifying” tweets it received today from One Direction fans in response to its five covers of Louis, Liam, Harry, Niall and Zayn.

The covers show the boys looking suave and well-groomed, but did not go down well with Directioners.

Fans were particularly irate with Harry Styles’ cover line “he’s up all night to get lucky”, attacking the magazine for being nosy and refusing to focus on “all the other good stuff” Styles has done.

Here are some of the most terrifying tweets. NB: Use of Caps Lock is non-ironic

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  • RichJ

    I had to scroll up check the newspaper title because I wasn’t sure if I was reading The Independent or The Dailysunmirrorexpress Mail.

  • Jon Thornton

    “NB: Use of Caps Lock is non-ironic” – What has irony have to do with anything?

    They’re not threatening anyway, just angry delusional girls.

  • KirkOut

    Is “terrifying” some sort of street slang for “stupid and boring” now?

  • GordieGoldhammer

    I hope GQ can handle such terrifying threats, presuming they can even comprehend the vast intellects behind them.

  • Squrrl_Lvr

    Did I miss the threats? Wow, being called RUDE is soooooo terrifying.

  • NT86

    Fans of boybands are perhaps the least intelligent form of species around. Also do girls really find Harry Styles attractive??? I mean look at him…

  • cooperative5

    Weep for our nation!

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