Rents around best primary schools 18% higher

Alex Johnson

e56dc1c1a4c27d8ef1043df12a079fd00f6ef27e1 300x200 Rents around best primary schools 18% higherThe latest research from London rental website Rentonomy suggests that rents near the best performing primary schools are 18% higher than the least well performing schools – the research is based on average two-bed rents around non-religious state primary schools using 2012 Key Stage 2 ‘Total Average Points’ score.

On average, Kensington (W8) is the best performing area with an average score of 32.7, 16% higher than the London average. Kensington also has London’s most expensive primary school to live near, Fox Primary School on Kensington Place. Here rents for a two-bed are £658 per week,  130% above the London average.

“Our research shows that while Kensington is the top performing local area, on a wider scale Tube Zones 3 and 4 in the SE and SW postcodes have the highest number of top performing primary schools,” said Rentonomy’s Director of Research, David Butler. “If you want the best for your child and are looking for an affordable area to live, Windrush Primary School in Thamesmead (SE28) is the least expensive top performing primary school to live near. It is among the top 25 best performing schools in London but with rents 35% below the London average.”

Balham increasingly popular
According to haart estate agency, Balham has more registered applicants looking to buy property than at any of its branches in London. The average ratio of buyers to property across London is 19:1 while in Balham it is 46:1.

Paul Smith, CEO of haart, said: “The average figure for the number of buyers seeking a home in London is less than half of those for Balham and the reason for this is that Balham is now viewed by young professionals and families as offering better for value for money than the more established “nappy valleys” of Clapham and Battersea. Balham may have been derided by Peter Sellers in his famous sketch but is now being mooted as a kind of new Notting Hill, the hip south of the river enclave. Balham residents were inclined to call it South Clapham but now Balham speaks up for itself.”

Time running out for second property tax payments…
People who have sold properties which are not their main homes and have not told HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) about any profit, have one month left to make use of the disclosure opportunity. HMRC’s Property Sales Campaign is aimed at those selling second homes in the UK or abroad where Capital Gains Tax (CGT) should be paid. It includes properties that were rented out and holiday homes.

Taxpayers have until 9 August to tell HMRC about any unpaid tax on such property sales and until 6 September to pay the tax that they owe. Any penalty will be lower than if HMRC approaches them first.

Marian Wilson, Head of HMRC Campaigns, said: “Over the last few months we have written to a lot of people to make them aware of the campaign. As a result, hundreds of people have now come forward. It is not too late for people to contact us.

“If you have sold a second home you might not know it could attract Capital Gains Tax. If anyone has done this in the past and is unsure, they should look at HMRC’s website and use our simple decision tree to find out if they might owe CGT. Telling HMRC about your tax liabilities is straightforward, and help, advice and support are available.”

After 6 September, HMRC will take a much closer look at the tax affairs of people who have sold properties other than their main home, but who appear to have paid no CGT. They will use information that they hold about property sales in the UK – and abroad – to identify people who have not paid what they owe. Penalties – or even criminal prosecution – could follow.

Pictured above is a three bedroom terraced house for sale in Cathles Road, Balham, on with James Pendleton for £750,000

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