Decided to be undecided

John Rentoul

EdMilibandAV 300x180 Decided to be undecidedEd Miliband is in the south of France while the Prime Minister is back at work and the Conservatives are building up their campaign team, recruiting Jim Messina who used to work for Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, Labour does not even have an election campaign coordinator in post.

That is because Miliband can’t decide whom to appoint to succeed Tom Watson, who resigned a month ago.

He does not want Michael Dugher, shadow cabinet minister without portfolio, because he is an old-school Brown operator, as Miliband knows from the experience of having stood against him for the Labour selection in Doncaster, and Miliband suspects that his first loyalty is to Ed Balls.

But he has held off appointing his preferred candidate, Douglas Alexander. Unite wouldn’t like it and it would be seen as Miliband swinging to the Blairites. In any event, I am not sure that Miliband wants Alexander that much either, as he ran David Miliband’s leadership campaign and the younger brother suspects that Alexander thinks he isn’t up to the job.

So what will Ed Miliband do? Put off a decision and build another castle in the sand.

20130805 224904 Decided to be undecided

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  • fabcat

    No, but if you had written ‘doesn’t’ then yes.

  • greygit

    It must be so nice to be so superior …..not.

  • fabcat

    Lighten up, greygit, I wasn’t poking a stick at you. I make loads of errors typing, for example. I apologise. Come to think of it, you are right and it was petty of me.

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