Children’s Book Blog: Recommended read – This Little Piggy by Tim Harrington

Rebecca Davies

this little piggy tim harrington1 300x244 Children’s Book Blog: Recommended read – This Little Piggy by Tim HarringtonWhat’s the story?

Everybody knows the toe-tickling children’s game about the little piggies who went to market, stayed at home, ate roast beef and so on. But what about the toes on the other foot? What exciting adventures might they be getting up to? This colourful picture book reveals all…

Who’s it for?

Under five-year-olds and fans of the indie rock band Les Savy Fav.

Why should I read it?

Tim Harrington is known to indie music fans as the exuberant frontman of rock band Les Savy Fav. But as far as his two young sons back home in Brooklyn, New York, are concerned, one of his primary roles is as a teller of whacky bedtime stories. One night, while playing ‘This Little Piggy’, his boys became concerned that the toes on the non-playing foot might start to feel left out. So Harrington, ever the improviser, invented exciting new activities for the other toes to undertake.

This simple but smart idea has now been expanded into a delightful picture book that will amuse parents and children alike. It turns out there are many more fun things for wayward toes to get up to besides market-going and roast beef-munching, including throwing costume parties, flying spaceships and saving the world from smelly sock attacks. If you go to the Harper Collins website, you can enjoy the added pleasure of singing along to the story with Harrington and his guitar.

A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design – and impromptu creator of surreal posters if you ask him nicely at the end of one of his gigs – Harrington illustrated the book himself. Each page leaps out at you in joyous, DayGlo-bright colours, until the final section when, wisely since this is a bedtime book, all the toes get sleepy and, in muted hues, get themselves ready for bed.

Best character: Super Toe, ‘the world’s greatest hero’. Faster than a race car, he can blow out birthday candles from a mile away and fly high above the clouds, among other impressive feats.

Best line: ‘All those crazy piggies made the market-visiting, roast beef-enjoying, wee-weeing piggies want to do more fun stuff too. So…’

If I like this, what other books might I like?

Each Peach Pear Plum by Janet and Allan Ahlberg, which also takes its inspiration from children’s rhymes.

Rebecca Davies is a journalist and children’s author and completed her middle-grade novel, Shirley Smart and the Nix’s Curse earlier this year. You can read more of her children’s book blogs here

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