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John Rentoul

comres Poll alertWe have a ComRes opinion poll in The Independent on Sunday tomorrow, shared with the Sunday Mirror.

In addition to our usual voting intention question, we asked our tracking questions about David Cameron and Ed Miliband’s leadership.

After the speech by Chris Bryant, Labour’s immigration spokesman, this week, we also asked if people agreed or disagreed with a set of statements about immigration and the free movement of workers throughout the European Union:

All citizens of other European Union countries should have the right to live and work in the United Kingdom

It is good for Britain that people from the rest of the EU are encouraged to come to work here

It is wrong for firms to recruit from overseas while a million young people in Britain are unemployed

Businesses cannot be blamed for hiring foreign workers because too many British workers are lazy

British firms should be able to give British citizens priority over other EU citizens when hiring new workers, even if this means the UK would have to leave the EU

Ed Miliband is right to accept that the last Labour government made major mistakes on immigration

Finally, in advance of the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech on 28 August, we asked how the following people compared with King as inspirational speakers: Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Winston Churchill, Boris Johnson, John F Kennedy, Barack Obama, Margaret Thatcher.

I will post the results here tonight. The full tables will be on the ComRes website.

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  • Hill244

    Very silly John – it is not about freedom of movement as enshrined in the Treaty of Rome. It is about 2 million Poles claiming dole, housing, education & healthcare whilst we are denied it in EU. No other EU state allows non nationals to suck at the teat!

  • greggf

    Whilst I share your expressed sentiment Hill that “No other EU state allows non nationals to suck at the teat”, Brits can access housing, education, and healthcare in most other EU member states, and some dole, for example in France after 5 years residence. However conditions apply, which are onerous, bureaucratic, require ID and include the member state having access to your NHS, NI and income tax status.
    The point is that other member states may exercise almost complete control over migrants by all such, and many other administrative rules including summary repatriation, whereas Britain only appears to require an address. And, according to French TV, thermal cameras have found many such addresses are garages, outhouses, garden sheds and the like!

  • Hill244

    I was in Poland twice and got – bupkes.

  • greggf

    I live in France and we have access to most I’ve referenced subject to conditions….

  • porkfright

    Voting intentions-Ah, yes. No matter whom we vote for-we still get the same inefficient governance and the same set of millionaires in charge.

  • Two Bob

    And taking jobs instead of us and transforming our towns into outposts of their own countries.

  • Hill244

    I was in the throes of applying for political asylum in France and was told “No – it would embarrass UK be acknowledged as a 3rd world police state”.

  • Hill244

    Vote Miliband (Blair Lite TM) for less civil liberties.

  • Hill244

    Nie rezumim! The decent Poles are OK but the soap dodgers are just scum. Harder times are coming and a few will swing from lamp posts along with plod.

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