Dish of the Day: The Reluctant Vegetarian’s recipe for DIY Egg Foo Yung Lettuce Wraps and Spicy Dip

Anna Barnett

dish of the day 2 262x300 Dish of the Day: The Reluctant Vegetarians recipe for DIY Egg Foo Yung Lettuce Wraps and Spicy DipJust in case you weren’t totally convinced as to how much I enjoy a vegetarian dish this has to be proof. I’m opening the four course menu of my Asian pop-up with this quick and simple dish. It’s perfect for sharing and keeps both veggies and even the most avid meat eaters happy.

I’m obsessed with this do-it-yourself style dish and although, admittedly, a very easily adapted meaty dish, there really is no need here. The sweet, zingy, fragrant, spicy flavours in the dipping sauce are what really pulls this together. It’s light on the carbs and makes for a perfect lunch option and an even better first course to an Asian feast!

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DIY Egg Foo Yung Lettuce Wraps & Spicy Dip

Preparation/Cooking Time: 20 mins

Feed: 4/6


Egg Foo Yung

6 x Eggs – Large free range

1 x Tbsp of caster sugar

1 x Small handful of chopped coriander

1 x Small dash of light soy sauce

1 x Sprinkle of chives – Finely chopped

Glug of oil – Sunflower or rapeseed oil work well

dish of the day 263x300 Dish of the Day: The Reluctant Vegetarians recipe for DIY Egg Foo Yung Lettuce Wraps and Spicy DipMushroom Mix

6 x Portobello mushrooms – 1 per person chopped into 5 slices

2 x Garlic cloves – Crushed and finely sliced

1 x Red onion – Finely sliced

2 x Handfuls of red Chinese leaves

Small dash of oil – Sunflower or rapeseed oil work well

Dipping Sauce

1/4 x Medium red chilli – Finley sliced

Small bunch of coriander leaves – Finely sliced

1inch x Ginger – Peeled, crushed and finely diced

1 x Tsp of palm sugar or caster sugar

4/5 Tbsp of light soy sauce

Small sprinkle of white pepper

Gem Lettuce – Allow half a lettuce per person & keep cold until serving so the leaves stay crisp

1/2 x Medium red chill to garnish

Dipping Sauce Instructions

Start by combining all the ingredients listed for the dipping sauce and store in the fridge until ready to serve.

Mushroom Mix Instructions

Heat a small dash of sunflower or rapeseed oil in a non-stick pan on a high heat then add the onions and mushrooms followed by the garlic a minute or two later. This will ensure you don’t burn or overcook the garlic. Turn the sliced mushrooms so they are golden and remove from the pan. Cover with foil so these stay warm whilst you cook the egg. Serve combined with the red Chinese salad leaves to add colour and texture.

Egg Foo Yung Instructions

Whisk up all the ingredients listed leaving out the coriander (this should be saved to garnish). Pour into a well-oiled non-stick pan on a medium heat. Let this cook through for two to three minutes and fold in half ensuring the egg is cooked through. Serve in slices perfect for filling lettuce leaves with. Garnish with the fresh coriander.

Serving DIY style – Fill each lettuce leaf with a slice of the egg foo yung, a spoonful of the mushroom mix and wrap the leaf around the filling then dunk in the dipping sauce before eating.

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