Does this new foal look like David Bowie?

John Rentoul

foal 300x201 Does this new foal look like David Bowie?Outstanding Question To Which The Answer Is No in the Brentwood Gazette. Number 989 in the Series That Will Never End (although I’m stopping when I get to 1,000).

In what way does it look like David Bowie? It’s got four legs? It’s got someone’s hand on its face? It’s humming “Cygnet Committee”? One correspondent has dared me to deny that it has the beginnings of an Aladdin Sane zigzag at the top of its forehead. That’s not a zigzag; it’s a splodge.

And anyway, what does an old foal look like?

Number 988 was asked by the Automatic QTWTAIN Generator:

Was Princess Diana murdered by British soldier?

And finally, here is number 987, asked by the Telegraph just before I went away and with which I have at last caught up:

Are British children sleep-walking into Sodom and Gomorrah?

Which is of course a Banned List/QTWTAIN double, as “sleep-walking into [some undesirable state]” is prohibited.

Spotted by Paul T Horgan, to whom thanks.

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