Interview with Krept and Konan: ‘My Story gives our listeners an insight into our lives behind the music’

Krept and Konan in the London Town Snapback 300x200 Interview with Krept and Konan: My Story gives our listeners an insight into our lives behind the musicMusic will forever tug at heartstrings. Some are in it for the money; others for the passion; some want want the fame; and others for the power.

It’s difficult to really decide which way your favourite artists are. Personally, if my favourite artist was in it for the money, I’d rather he were honest about it. I wouldn’t start disliking his music, I would just understand him a little better.

So yeah, I’m a fan of honesty. It’s something a bit special when you hear an autobiographical track from an UK rapper.

Doubley special, intact, when you have two UK rappers. Enter Krept and Konan.

The rapping duo, championed by, well, pretty much everyone, have been around forever but this latest mix tape, “Young Kingz”,  featuring a slew of superstars: Tinie Tempah, Giggs, Chip, Yungen, Fekky, G Frsh, George The Poet and more.

The debut track from that album is called My Story and tells the story of the murder of Konan’s step father.

I caught up with them to discuss the CD and to get into their minds even more than their music is already giving away.

Jamie: What’s the new project in your own words?

Krept: We decided to do the track to give our fans and listeners an insight into our lives behind the music, because everyone thinks it’s all glitz and glamour because they see us smiling and having fun but that is not the case.

How did this idea come about?

Konan: Since the incident happened in 2011 I had been briefly mentioning the situation in different songs but not actually going into detail about what had really happened. In 2012 exactly a year after,  we recorded a freestyle for BBC Radio 1 where I went into detail about what actually happened that night. Due to the fact the case was still in court they decided not to put that part of the freestyle out.

Why did you choose to write a song about the murder?

Konan: Months later we decided to make it into a full song, hoping that it would inspire people not to give up doing what they love no matter the circumstance.

What does this song mean to you?

Krept: The song is our most personal song to date hence why we made it the first release off the new mixtape “Young Kingz” out September 2nd. It is important to us because it was a situation that really affected us in the music world and the real world, so now the fact that we made a whole song about it, and then released it to the world and got such positive feedback from it means a lot to us.

What else can we expect on Young Kingz?

We have a lot more personal songs on the mixtape, but it is not just based on sad emotional stuff, there is also a variety of fun, exciting chilled laid-back stuff on there. You can pre order ‘Young Kingz’ now on iTunes.

Young Kings is out 2nd September

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