10 tips to cope while Doctor Who is off the air

Carly Ledbetter

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1. Find the video.

Try to hunt down the 50th Anniversary trailer that premiered at Comic Con — It’s not on YouTube yet, but it is the closest thing you have right now to watching Matt Smith on the telly.

2. Build a TARDIS.

A father and daughter duo from Florida are building their own Tardis, which means you have two options… You can either steal a ride with them, or build your own. Or just brush up on your Gallifreyan.

3. Break out the laptop and…

…Watch this thank you video over and over. Isn’t he adorable? We can only hope Matt will be loomed into existence again in a future series (this is as probable as getting a female Doctor).

4. Make your opinion known.

Continue to share thoughts, inklings, feelings, gut-decisions, late-night wonderings and intense lucid dreams that tell you what will happen in the next series. All of these suggestions should be shared via social networks or community message boards. Leave no stone unturned!

5. Re-watch everything.

Sure, re-watching all the Doctor Who episodes from the beginning will take up a few months of your life, but it’ll be totally worth it when you finish those 33 incredible series. Just make sure you have enough food to eat when you undertake this challenge, because going to the grocery just means more time away from the TV, and you can’t really eat a Sonic screwdriver…

6. Become musically talented.

Learn to play all of the Doctor Who theme songs on multiple different instruments. After all, what else are you going to do for the next few months until the Christmas special?


Try to convert as many friends as possible to watching The Doctor. Come to think of it, you shouldn’t be friends with people who aren’t Doctor Fans. Move on to the next suggestion.

8. Send out the post now.

Start mailing out early invitations to your 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Party. It’s basically a holiday, so you need to start preparations for finger foods and decorations as soon as possible.

9. Take time off work.

You know you’ll cry after Matt Smith leaves the series, and the best thing you can do is be absent from work for a day of mourning. Be proactive now, and start stockpiling the tissues.

10. Wipe the tears.

Don’t be too sad during this absence because Doctor Who IS coming back, after all. For right now, go outside, enjoy the summer weather and be merry with friends and family! But just remember, when November comes around it’s lights out, 50th anniversary special on – Tardis time!

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  • Colin Cumming

    Very funny. As a lifelong SF fan (currently in mourning for Iain M Banks) may I dare to say that Doctor Who is utter rubbish and is an affront to the genre it purports to represent.
    I think it’s like the emperor’s new clothes- everybody knows it’s rubbish, including the actors who leave as soon as they realise, but nobody in the ranks of our intelligentsia has the balls to man up and tell the BBC what a complete load of crap it really is.

  • DoctorWho50

    Very good list. I’m currently in the middle of re-watching The Ark in Space. My God, it is an amazing story.

  • Sophia

    The byline for this article says, “Doctor Who will not be back on our screens until November but here are 10 tips to cope until the series returns.” The 10th tip just seems to reference the Christmas special as a time when one can’t be merry with friends and family…

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