Take Down Order from Banned List Towers

John Rentoul

dial 300x300 Take Down Order from Banned List TowersHear ye, hear ye! Further additions to the Banned List, by order of the Lord Chief Justice of Twitter and Imperial Overlord of the Ethical Vacuum.

  1. Appending “towers” to mean headquarters. Proposer: Gabriel Milland.

  2. “From soup to nuts”: the whole thing, from first to last course of a dinner. Gina Sargunar.

  3. Twitter meltdown. Steven Nash.

  4. Twitter storm. I thought I had banned it already.

  5. “Take down.” Noun, to mean “expression of a differing opinion”. Jean Foin.

  6. “Turning up the volume.” As Louise Nathanson says, now that both sides in politics have tried it, we can be pretty sure it doesn’t work.

  7. “Dial up” policies or, worse, differentiation.

  8. Self-destruct button. As Jenny Colgan asked, “Does anything actually have a self-destruct button?”

  9. “Incent”, verb, meaning “incentivise”. Omer Lev.

  10. “In that space.” I think I have banned it already, but I can’t find it. It won’t do any harm to ban it again.

Buy your copy of the Banned List book here. Read all the updates here.

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  • patrickinken

    Why wasn’t “red lines” pre-banned?

  • JohnRentoul

    I am calling for a Full Independent Public Inquiry. Judge-led. Or, at least, led by the Lord Chief Justice of Twitter.

  • patrickinken

    Excellent. That should keep the conspiracy theorists quiet.

  • ka5s

    Call for the Lord High Elocutioner!

  • MalcolmRedfellow

    Do assure us that Marmite has already been poleaxed?

  • porkfright

    You are being humorous, aren’t you? Not a chance whilever my eidolon is around. Is eidetic on the banned list?

  • porkfright

    Or Red Bull.

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