Incisive interview: Collaborating with Bob Marley’s son, Julian

1753610d2987a84a23b446035811abb8 300x300 Incisive interview: Collaborating with Bob Marleys son, JulianWest London MC, Incisive, is making a bit of a wave right now. At the beginning of this year, he released his mix tape Where is He to unbelievable acclaim. Each track from the mix tape smashed their way to the top of the MTV Base Chart and remained there for three weeks a piece.

Now, with a fresh project and sound in place, Incisive is ready for his follow up, called “Winners”.

The track, quite astoundingly, features son of Bob Marley, Julian and British vocal giant Dionne Reid. I caught up with Incisive himself to find out exactly what this project means to him.

What’s the new project in your own words?

“The new project is a progression and a continuation from the mixtape I released earlier this year which was essentially an EP [Extended Play].  The previous mixtape I released “Where Is He” was only free for three weeks then we took it off the net and put it on iTunes.  It was an original body of work and we put out three singles for it so we (myself and the team) are building on that.  The new project is still inbetween being an EP and an album – I’m still deciding. I just want to maintain my consistency in putting music out and to show a progression to my listeners.”

The new CD – what does it mean to you?

“It’s progression for me.  The awareness of my music has grown phenomenally in the past year so as well as showing a growth in my sound, I also have to introduce myself to new listeners.  I really believe you are only as good as what people have recently heard so I approach every record with that attitude – I have to simultaneously prove myself all over again and show progression and growth.  Its exciting.”

When you have such talented grime artists like in your area, was there a conscious decision between choosing your genre?

“I’ve been into making my own music from a very, very young age.  I think that’s the advantage of older siblings – you get into things much younger as you want to emulate them.  So I got into music initially because my big brother and older cousin used to mess about in my bedroom making music - my brother would make beats on the computer and my cousin would rap into a mic plugged into the stereo.  I was the small guy in the corner watching all this.  So eventually, I picked up the mic myself.  Thing is, when you emulate older people, you start at a more mature level so I saw them writing lyrics, so straight away, I started writing lyrics.

“Back to the original question – because I started so early, It was the time jungle music was around so in the UK, in my area, if you were into music, you would be a jungle MC – I guess the influence of my brother and cousin put me onto hiphop and I fell in love with it.  So when garage then came about…the allure of the hype was tempting, but again – I stuck to hiphop. ”

You’ve got this reggae vibe in your tracks, how has that factored into your music over the years?

“Winners – my recent single ft Julian Marley and Dionne Reid I think is the first track Ive incorporated reggae into I think.  Ive always loved the idea of merging hiphop with reggae - when its done properly, its amazing.  Foxy Brown had a record with sizzla called “come fly with me” which to this day, I love.  It was just about getting the right track and people to get on the song to not make it corny which is pretty easy to do.  Once the stars aligned so to speak, we got the track done.”

Who are you rating right now in the scene?

“I love the whole UK scene at the moment.  In general, I’m more inclined to listen out for the unknown gem.  I love having that amazing artist on my iPod that people don’t really know.  So, aside from the typical Wretch 32 who most rappers would rate, I also rate Delilah, Ruhksana Merrise, Lifelines, YJ, Jai Paul, and Shakka… amongst others – some of the names you may recognise, others you may not but they are all amazing artists.”

What’s next for you?

“Stay consistent really. Winners is out August 19th – it’s the first record off my upcoming EP and the fourth video I’ve put out this year.   I want to keep the momentum and put out singles frequently.  Also live shows are quite important to me so I’m getting out and about up north to spread my sound.”

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