Former world snooker champion’s house on sale for £76,000

Alex Johnson

582956aaa31b409defc53d1905a5d60585546aac 300x225 Former world snooker champions house on sale for £76,000This 3 bedroom terraced house in Welbeck Street, Whitwell, Worksop (on with William H Brown for £76,000) was where Joe Davis was born. Davis was not only the world billiards champion in the 1920s and 1930s, he set up the world snooker championship in 1927 (he won it every year until 1940 and again in 1946). A plaque on the house commemorates his life.

Empty nest syndrome ‘becoming a thing of the past’

Figures from the National Housing Federation underline how the lack of affordable housing in Britain is increasing the emotional and financial burden on parents as their grown-up children can no longer afford to move out, new research has revealed.

A poll of more than 1,100 parents with adult children aged 21 to 40, shows that:

* Three out of ten parents have at least one adult child aged between 21 and 40 living at home
* Two-thirds of parents with at least one adult child living at home say they are doing so because they simply can’t afford to move out.
* Nine out of ten parents with grown-up children believe there is not enough housing in Britain that people can afford.

Although a quarter say having grown-up children living at home had brought their family closer together, a fifth say having a grown-up child living at home has caused them stress and a further fifth that it has caused family arguments. One in ten parents say having a grown-up child living at home has caused them to fall into debt.

Parents in higher income brackets are more likely to have at least one grown-up child living at home. More than a third of parents with grown-up children with a household income of more than £30,000 have at least one of their adult children living at home, compared to a fifth of parents with adult children with a total household income of £30,000 or less.

Just over 40% of parents with at least one adult child living at home say they are doing so because the cost of living away from home is too high, and 22%  say they are living at home while they save up for a deposit.

National Housing Federation Chief Executive David Orr said: “Empty nest syndrome is becoming a thing of the past. Rather than waving their children off as they grow up and move out, parents are stuck with kids in their thirties still living at home. Moving out and setting up a family home of your own is a normal rite of passage. Yet as rents, mortgages and deposits continue to soar out of reach, it is no longer an option for many. We’re delaying adulthood for grown-ups kids who are left stuck in their childhood bedrooms. As a result parents are also trapped, unable to move on with their lives and benefit from the freedom which comes when their sons and daughters move out.

“As a country we need to build more homes at the right prices in the right areas now to ensure there is another option. We must encourage more development of new homes and the decisions about where more homes are built are being made locally, by local councillors. They will act if local people say they want more homes in their local communities.”

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