“My phone is my Precious”

John Rentoul

Twitter bird 300x207 My phone is my PreciousFurther to my attempt to explain three years ago, in rather more than 140 characters, why I like what is still sometimes referred to as “the microblogging website”;

and further to Caitlin Moran’s wonderful, and rather shorter, paean;

here is David Schneider in The Guardian yesterday making similar points with even more wit and brio:

I’m addicted. I knew this for sure after watching Mo Farah win the Olympic 10,000 metres last summer. I admired his athleticism, his commitment, his tenacity, but most of all I admired the fact that he’d gone 27 minutes 30.42 seconds without checking his phone. Twenty seven minutes 30.42 seconds! How could he do it? I know it’s meant to be an endurance event but surely that’s pushing the human frame beyond its limits.

I admire his Lord of the Rings analogy: “My phone is my Precious. The one ring(tone) to rule them all. Take it from me and within minutes I’d be Golluming about, all skinny-limbs-and-loincloth, screaming: ‘We wants it! We wants it!’”

Schneider is right:

Yes, the internet is full of dark and dodgy places and trolls and ranters and peddants (always spell it with two Ds. They hate that). But the virtual Twitter me is so much wittier and more interesting than the real me. Real me might catch up if it was socially acceptable in the real world to spend 15 minutes honing a witty reply to a question before you answer, but even in Islington, where I live, that’s frowned upon.

See also my account of how I was started on Twitter by Jack Riley.

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  • greggf

    “Yes, the internet is full of dark and dodgy places and trolls and ranters…..”

    And the Indy is among them so it is JR. For example the Indy headline “Norway election results: Anti-immigrant party with links to mass murderer….. ” is a bit like conflating socialism and Stalin

  • Pacificweather

    I haven’t worked out how to follow a conversation rather than a person on Twitter. Does anyone know?

  • JohnRentoul

    It is not that easy, but Twitter stacks replies for you if you click on a tweet in a conversation.

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