Interview with Temara Melek: Could this teen star be the next big thing in pop?

Noel Phillips

TemaraMelek pressshot low 237x300 Interview with Temara Melek: Could this teen star be the next big thing in pop? You and Temara Melek probably share the same mutual interests. She worships One Direction, loves twerking sensation Miley Cyrus, and counts Jessie J as one of her major influences. However, there are several things you most likely don’t have in common: She has been tipped as the next big teen pop star—and is working with a swarm of big names including, Jonas Westling, the producer behind Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster, and Grammy Award winning songwriter Crystal Nicole, who penned Only Girl (In The World) for Rihanna.

Melek’s online presence isn’t the largest, she has over 327,000 Twitter followers and a smaller number on Facebook, compared with, say, Selena Gomez’s 16 million—but that hasn’t stopped her building huge momentum for her music.

Her debut single, Karma’s Not Pretty, which she co-wrote with The Voice USA 2012 winner Cassadee Pope, hasn’t come from a happy place. It chronicles the breakdown of a failed relationship and the knock-on effect of karma, which was exactly what fuelled her artful inspiration. “It’s about an ex-boyfriend who flirted with my best friend, so we both went and confronted him together,” she says.

Despite laying her emotions bare and conveying an excessive level of attitude, emotion and vulnerability, she has refused to disclose the name of her ex, but her underlying message is clear: “What goes around comes around.” A glimpse of the self-explanatory song title would give the impression that this was perhaps another Taylor Swift heartbreak record, but although Melek cites the country singer as an inspiration, she has no intentions to follow in her confessional path.

“I’m a huge fan of Taylor and how she can really relate to her fans through music. I know she always tends to write about her relationships but I don’t want to be like that, that’s not my thing. People get mad about her dating quite a few guys and then making songs about it, but I’m different. I’m not like that,” she explains.

From a very young age, Melek, who had no training or experience as a musician began dancing and singing, before eventually appearing in various Disney films and TV commercials. “When I was little I always wanted to be Hannah Montana,” she concedes, “I always wanted to be her. I think that’s where it started.”

What’s attracting attention is not just her expertise with handling teenage-crazy pop buffs. No, the Colorado-born, L.A.-based singer-songwriter is destined for greatness because, like Swift, Cyrus, and Bieber, she is representing her generation, relaying all the difficulties, frustration, and youth-relationship issues affecting youngsters through her music.

There is certainly a pattern surfacing when it comes to young stars in today’s culture. Since shedding her squeaky-clean image, Miley Cyrus has constantly been in the midst of controversy. Just last month, the former Disney princess sent the Internet into meltdown following a divisive performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.

“The thing I really like about Miley is how much she has changed, but at the same time she is doing what she wants to do,” Melek says, in defence to Cyrus’ tongue and twerking antics. “I loved the performance and also her Unicorn video, which I think is awesome. I know a lot of people think she went a bit too far and she did a couple of things that I wouldn’t do, but I loved it. In fact; I wouldn’t mind giving it a go.”

And it must be pointed out that, Melek is now on the highway to recognition, brushing shoulders and forming friendships with her fellow class of showbiz peers. But though she has been coming face-to-face with high profile celebrities, she isn’t yet on a par with not being tongue-tied. When asked why so many girls like her are so infatuated with One Direction, she swallows up before admitting. “I love them so much. I’ve met them several times and they are awesome guys.” She also insists they aren’t just eye candy, though. “Although they are very attractive and have awesome personalities, they make really great music.”

Handling worldwide awesomeness isn’t easy, and when it comes to the supremacy of the teenage heart-throbs, not many females can obscure their admiration for one member in particular— Harry Styles. “I actually have Harry’s tweets sent directly to my phone,” she says with a grin, “Yeah, I like him, and I love his tweets.” The singer who used to dream of a musical career has now learnt that misfortune is just another tool of the trade. But who knows what the future holds— Tamera Melek may just send her rivals in search of another day job.

Karma’s ‘Not Pretty’ is out October 6.

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