Will There Be Any More QTWTAIN After Number 1,000?

John Rentoul

kirk 221x300 Will There Be Any More QTWTAIN After Number 1,000?I stood in for the brilliant Matthew Bell in the Diary for The Independent on Sunday today, and announced the last but two and last but one Questions To Which The Answer Is No in my long-running series, which I have said I will bring to an end when I have reached 1,000.

Number 998 was asked by The Wall Street Journal:

Should You Bring Mom and Dad to Your Job Interview?

Thanks to Fred Stephens.

Number 999, asked by Yes They Are Trying Too Hard To Hit The Magic 1,000:

Do lobsters hold the key to eternal life?

Thanks to Michael Deacon and Harry Wallop.

The trouble is that, while I wait for the slap-up, slam-dunk, chart-topping gasper to which to allocate the great big round and final number, a number of zingers have come in which are not quite zingy enough to qualify.

One candidate for the number 1,000 slot was asked by the Scottish Daily Mail (pictured). Thanks to Tom Harris MP and Kevin Pringle.

Another was suggested by my friend William Keegan, which was, “Do BMW drivers give lifts?”

Then there was a QTWTAIN of magnificent not-in-my-name self-importance asked by Sian Lloyd in the Mail on Sunday today: “Is it because I was against Iraq war?” (Thanks to Rob Hutton. And thanks to Tom Doran for the headline on this post.)

They are all marvellous, but they are not the showstopper for which I am looking.

If you see the true number 1,000, you know what to do.

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  • postageincluded

    Oi! A couple of years ago I asked the Question “When we get to 1000 can we stop?” and you replied “the answer to that question is definitely No”.
    I can’t believe you’ve changed your mind. What have you done with the real John Rentoul?
    More importantly, will you promise not to bring him back?

  • mightymark

    A small; wager that when a really good looking QTWTAIN comes up John will post to the effect ” when I saw this i wished I hadn’t closed the list”!

  • Hill244

    Yes BMW drivers do give lifts. Enniskillen 1989.

  • jamesdar

    What about: “Will Tony Blair be canonised?” Sorry John (I know you want to), but that is a QTWTAIN.

  • porkfright

    Re the Headline-one sincerely hopes not.

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