Liz Hurley and Shane Warne: end of a tweet romance?

Liam O'Brien
130636384 204x300 Liz Hurley and Shane Warne: end of a tweet romance?

Happier times? Shane Warne and Liz Hurley

She was an English socialite and actress; he was a coarse Australian cricketer. But though their relationship may have seemed unlikely, Liz Hurley and Shane Warne did have one thing in common: their love of Twitter.

Since they got together in 2010 (getting engaged in 2011), the tweeting has been incessant. But having treated their combined haul of 1.7m followers (Warne, at 1.3m, has the larger fan club) to their everyday goings-on, they’re now being subjected to what some suspect could be their break-up.

Last year, in a glossy magazine interview, it was claimed the wedding would take place this year. Needless to say, it hasn’t… yet.

Now followers believe a series of cryptic tweets may have signalled their demise.

Warne last tweeted his fiancée on 30 August about horse racing, but even earlier he had posted: “It’s not what happens in your life, it’s how you react to what life throws at u, in both the good & bad times.”

Hurley went one further hinting all might not be well when on 5 September she treated her 430,000 followers to a picture of her snuggled up against her pet dog. “The more I know of man, the more I love my dog. Goodnight from me and Raja.”

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  • noelfrances

    Who cares?

  • gregp2318

    she is pretty.. and her teeth are white.

  • fourteen

    Let’s just hope this does not leave him more time for cricket commentary.

  • indiaisone

    She musthave used Dulux gloss!

  • pippilongstocking

    What utter nonsense. These two are only interested in their own likeness…

  • TheBandyDandy

    May be she doesn’t like it up the @ss any more.

  • garbo

    Shane, Liz, marry a mirror. You’ll always be loved…

  • gregp2318

    lol whitest teeth i have ever come across

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