What is the political effect of the ‘bedroom tax’?

Alex Johnson

53b5a47897678a8f5542dc34f23ee6576b83c180 300x225 What is the political effect of the bedroom tax?New research suggests almost three in five people believe that the Government should abandon the ‘bedroom tax’.

A ComRes poll of more than 2,000 adults for the National Housing Federation which has been holding its annual national conference this month (and tweeting about it extensively) shows that:

* Four fifths of people who intend to vote Labour in the next election believe the Government should abandon the bedroom tax
* Two thirds of potential Liberal Democrat voters and more than a third of people who intend to vote Conservative in the next election say that David Cameron should abandon the bedroom tax entirely
* Opposition to the bedroom tax has grown from 51% of people polled in April to 59%

Earlier this week, the NHF releasing figures indicating that half of families hit by the bedroom tax were pushed into debt in the first three months of the policy.

“This public opinion poll must act as a wake-up call to both the Government and the Opposition. The general public see that the bedroom tax is a disastrous policy which is causing real hardship for people up and down the country,” said National Housing Federation Chief Executive David Orr. “Families are spiralling into debt and with winter just around the corner they are facing terrible decisions of whether to pay the bedroom tax or cut back on essentials such as food and heating. It’s hitting the most vulnerable in our society the hardest – two-thirds of those facing the cut are disabled. And on top of that the majority have no option of moving because there is a chronic shortage of smaller homes for them to move in to.

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