The “Cost of Living Crisis” Is Labour Policy

John Rentoul

labour col 300x225 The Cost of Living Crisis Is Labour PolicyOne of Ed Miliband’s supporters has been in touch to complain about my description of the Labour leader’s slogan, “the cost of living crisis”, as “blether”.

Perhaps my post about it three months ago was unclear.

I thought I was making the same point that Miliband and Ed Balls both made to the TUC last year: that “you have to put jobs before pay”. That those in work should accept lower wage rises for the sake of keeping more people in their jobs.

If wages are rising more slowly than prices, therefore, while employment levels continue to rise, this is precisely what Miliband and Balls want to see.

The “cost of living crisis” is, therefore, Labour policy.

  • newfriendofed

    I presume Labour was saying (a year ago) that if you had to choose between higher wages and less unemployment they would go for less unemployment. But if one did not have to choose (as is now the case) then they would want both more employment and higher wages. Their analysis must be that, in the current climate, lower wages are not helping increase employment but, instead, increasing profits. For example, if one pays less than the minimum wage (as is apparently often the case) that is not necessarily to allow one to take on more staff.

  • Pacificweather

    So, like the Tories, you are wedded to employer subsidies that won’t reduce the benefit bill or perhaps you believe employers will hire people they don’t need because their current employees are struggling on their present wages. It’s no good, John, just face the fact that you don’t understand simple arithmetic and move on to something you do understand.

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