Great British Bake Off review- Episode 6, Series 4: Buns

Daisy Wyatt

It was a stormy week for Glenn and Howard, as two of Bake Off’s most affable contestants competed to be booted off the show.

Glenn got told off for calling his Devonshire tea loaf a ‘Panettone’ as he wasn’t going to dry it upside down (but later changed his mind) and then stumbled on the showstopper challenge when his brioche collapsed into gooey swirls.

Howard knew he had to prove himself this week after constantly messing up his signature bakes. Sadly he wasn’t able to set his track record straight, although he did manage to mystify Mary about the redeeming qualities of Yorkshire hemp.

With seven bakers left, the episode dragged more than ever – made all too obvious by the need for two historical interludes. The Patagonian woman speaking with a Welsh lilt did at least make for light relief.

Signature Bake – Tea Loaves

The challenge didn’t go at all well for the majority of the bakers. Christine was exceptionally hard on herself (again) after her fruit loaf split and was soggy in the middle. Paul was his usual diva-esque self and refused to taste it because of what it might do to his “insides”.

Kimberley’s plaited loaf looked scrumptious but was under-proved. Beca didn’t add her currants at the right stage of proving (judging by Paul’s sharp comment) so her Bara Brith weren’t perfect, and Howard’s legal hemp did not get a high with baffled Mary.

Becas cinnamon chai loaf Great British Bake Off review  Episode 6, Series 4: Buns

Things went much better for Beca and Ruby. Beca had style and substance in her chai cinnamon swirl, and Ruby’s glazed citrus tea loaf looked pretty and was a hit with the judges.

Rubys citrus tea loaf Great British Bake Off review  Episode 6, Series 4: Buns

Technical Challenge- Apricot Couronne

The bakers excelled in this challenge, which was probably their best technical yet, each producing a stunning looking twisted sweet bread. Even Mary said it would be hard to judge them.

Christines apricot couronne Great British Bake Off review  Episode 6, Series 4: Buns

For once, Glenn produced something that was not bounteous enough! Mary and Paul said they would have preferred it to look thicker, but Howard came last because his couronne was too thin and didn’t have enough fruit showing.

Ruby’s was first and Mary called it “almost perfect”, but that still wasn’t enough to stop the undergraduate endlessly doing herself down, again.

Showstopper Challenge- European Buns

Ruby’s self-depreciation continued into the showstopper challenge, when she apologised to Paul and Mary for her burnt buns. They were, surprise surprise, not burnt but beautifully glazed and sumptuous and all good things sweet buns should be. Mary gave her a firm telling off: “You tell us too much, keep it to yourself.” Hopefully next week she will.

Rubys burnt Kanelbullar Great British Bake Off review  Episode 6, Series 4: Buns

Glenn on the other hand really did have more to be worried about. His bake collapsed as he took his brioches out of the tray, and the flavour didn’t save him either as Mary said the cinnamon was “too sharp”. When he cried to camera at the end you couldn’t help feeling sorry for him, and for all his pupils at home squirming with embarrassment at seeing their teacher so publicly humiliated.

Howards peach buns Great British Bake Off review  Episode 6, Series 4: Buns

But in the battle of the Bake Off luvvies, it was Howard to go. His fake peach buns were entirely realistic, but the flavour was lost on the judges.

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    Christine’s showstopper should have stopped her show! Her tea loaf was inedible. Howard’s merely lacked flavour.

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