How to grab the reader. Case study: Damian McBride

John Rentoul
damian mcbride1 200x300 How to grab the reader. Case study: Damian McBride


We knew this, but Damian McBride can write. The opening sentence of his book:

You know you’re in trouble when you have to introduce yourself to two complete strangers and ask to climb out of their kitchen window.

The whole of the first chapter, about his time at Peterhouse, Cambridge, is also a shocker.

PS. If you haven’t seen the video of Iain Dale, McBride’s publisher, trying to stop an anti-nuclear protester, and his dog, getting into the background of a TV interview with the author, you should.

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    He has served his somewhat dubious purpose, and will now never be heard of again.

  • Pacificweather

    John, I know you have to read this trash as part of your job but is it necessary to inflict it on your readers?

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