Psychological Flaws

John Rentoul

mcbcover 198x300 Psychological FlawsOne more thing I’ve just remembered from my point-by-point rebuttal of Daniel Hodges’s claim that Alastair Campbell was as bad as Damian McBride.

Hodges brings up the old “psychological flaws” line used of Gordon Brown by Campbell, but never quite admitted. To compare that to McBride’s admitted campaign to portray Tony Blair as useless (in Saturday’s Daily Mail, an extract from McBride’s book that has been removed from the internet) is mistaken.

Suggesting that Brown needed to “get a grip” of his psychological flaws was helpful and well meant advice, not character assassination. If Brown had taken it, he would have been prime minister earlier.

Footnote: if you haven’t seen it, Tom Chivers’s reflections on which is the real McBride, the mad dog or the penitent, is worth reading.

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  • newfriendofed

    One thing that this blog is in danger of making people forget is that J. R. ‘couldn’t be bothered” to do a point by point rejection of Dan Hodges’ claim.

  • Kippers

    Mr Rentoul – the link in this blog post to the “point-by-point rebuttal of Hodges’ claim” takes us to a blog post where you say that you cannot be bothered to do a point-by-point rebuttal of Hodges’ claim.

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