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John Rentoul

puppy Vote UnderdogI have been nominated for Twitter Personality of the Year, along with Stephen Fry, who has 6m followers, Jonathan Ross, 3m, Caitlin Moran, 457,000, and Owen Jones, 135,000. I have 29,000.

My campaign has got off to a poor start, as Guido Fawkes has voted for my esteemed colleague Owen Jones, because the award is sponsored by Barclays and Vodafone.

But I am told that something called Rage Against The Machine came from an unpromising position to be a Christmas No 1 once.

So vote here.

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  • Hill244

    I have duly voted for you John. Cute dawg btw! In fact, given the choice of Wossy, Moran (whom I subconsciously phallocentrically oppress), Jones (who really IS annoying) and Fry (what dumb folks think smart folks sound like) it was a clear field! Twitter is NOT about numbers but quality. Half a dozen QCs follow me.

  • Pacificweather

    I also voted for you. I only new three names on the list so it was no contest.

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