QTWTAIN Number 1,000

John Rentoul

googledeath 224x300 QTWTAIN Number 1,000I have been searching for some time for the 1,000th in my series of Questions To Which The Answer Is No. Today, which is Ask A Stupid Question Day (thanks Hamish Thompson), is the day on which the last question in my collection is revealed.

If you are liable to suffer from QTWTAIN withdrawal, there is always the book. There is even a novel. The film and app cannot be long coming.

But let us delay no further. The nominations for number 1,000 have been trickling in thick and fast. The Time magazine cover for 30 September (pictured), first spotted by James Farrar, was an extravagant contender.

It is good, but lacks that extra special something to get it over the line.

Wackier, but ruled out for the dull predictability of the conspiracy-theorist mindset of the website on which it was found – fittingly, by Oliver Kamm, my collaborator in launching this series – was this question, asked by, slightly less predictably, “Mother Agnes Mariam de  la Croix”:

The Ghouta Chemical Attacks: US-Backed False Flag?

ebmcb 300x267 QTWTAIN Number 1,000Another fine entry, from the Spiritual Home of QTWTAIN, the Daily Mail, was this on Tuesday (right) about Ed Balls’s protestation of ignorance of Damian McBride’s activities.

The Mail headline asked an apparently actionable question:

Is this the most disingenuous statement in political history?

This entry was also excellent, a question asked by Big Think:

Was Jesus the World’s First Tweeter?

Thanks to John Clarke.

But my favourite, and the official number 1,000 in the series, is this one, spotted by James Vaughan, who trades as ‏@EquusontheBuses and to whom thanks and congratulations, asked by the South Oxfordshire Council:

“Who can help in a flood?”

A Question to Which the Answer is Noah.

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  • Hill244

    I had wished for a more up to date one such as “Why are Norfolk Police hiding a known child porn dealer?”

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