Is this the Year of DEVolution?

Charlie-Louise Akintilo

DEVolution 300x199 Is this the Year of DEVolution? “We had always been aware of each other in Southampton.” Separately they are Tom Devos and Pete Devereux; the former an ex-associate of the prestigious ‘Size Records’; the latter was instrumental in sculpting the Garage scene and all that followed as one half of the infamous Artful Dodger.

Together, they are DEVolution and since their formation have garnered increased attention for their ever evolving brand of music and penchant for edgy remixes of your favourite pop songs.

“It’s all changed, years ago you had really clear genre lines whereas now everything gets sort of just thrown in to the mix and I think that goes for most genres really. Some people still like to be able to put everything into boxes but our influences are crazy and that shines through in our music.

They thrive on pushing the envelope; hence after re-announcing themselves to the world in February with their first EP Arrival, their second EP has curiously been titled Transition; signalling a structured evolution of sound between projects.

“We could almost call every EP the Transition EP as we’re not going to stand still, plus it seemed at the time it summed up where we were musically. For us there’s good music and bad music, we don’t check for genres, we like something or we don’t. Being musicians and doing music all of our lives, we’re a kind of sponge and it just comes out when me make records. We like to keep them on their toes.”

Transition was originally programmed for an August release but was pushed back due to the unanticipated popularity. Thus an EP initially scheduled for release on their own label has now received the backing of distinguished DJ Mista Jam and his label Speakerbox. “A good reason for a delay,” Devos chuckles.

Whilst we wait for the release of Transition, DEVolution will be hitting the road alongside Mista Jam and the rest of the Speakerbox crew. The labels ‘Join The Dots Tour’ begins in Sheffield on Wednesday night, but before that, the duo head to Brighton for ‘Shakedown’ Festival where they will feature alongside Rizzle Kicks and DJ Fresh amongst others.

What becomes glaringly obvious from hearing the duo speak so freely about their craft is the healthy working relationship they enjoy.

“Probably never going to make a TV show is it?” Devereux jokes as I enquire about life inside the studio.

The pair are a good fit and if this healthy dynamic remains intact then there is no reason as to why the pair cannot echo the previous achievements of Artful Dodger, Craig David and Howard Jones. All three were able to scale the heights of UK music from the modest settings of the South Coast; DEVolution are likely to be next.

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