The Demeaning of Politics

John Rentoul

howard 300x144 The Demeaning of PoliticsGuido Fawkes, that establishment lackey who works for the paywalled Murdoch mainstream media and who is on Paul Dacre’s side in the current stramash, has been laying in to Alastair Campbell, who is on the other side. Fawkes seems to think that Campbell’s wickedness is proved by Michael Howard not liking him much.

Fawkes entitled his post, “Alastair Campbell’s Demeaning of Politics”, so he is at least permitted to take part in this debate, spelling Campbell’s first name correctly. But it should have been called, “Michael Howard’s Demeaning of Politics”.

In the old Newsnight video by which Fawkes is so taken, Howard says to Campbell in the third person, House of Commons style: “The way he bullied and lied his way across our political life did more to lower the tone of political life, our public life, than anybody else.”

Rich from the man who lost the 2005 election campaign against, among others, Alastair Campbell, with a poster of Tony Blair and the words: “If he’s prepared to lie to take us to war, he’s prepared to lie to win an election – If you value the truth, vote for it.”

This was, of course, a war that Howard supported and for which he voted.

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  • aardvark10

    Of course he voted for the invasion, because he happened to believe that no PM of this country could ever mislead parliament and the people of this country to invade another country which offered no threat. When he discovered this was wrong, he was appalled as were all thinking people. Why is this so difficult to understand?
    The BBC’s obsession with Campbell is one of the mysteries of the age. Most people see him as he is. John Rentoul aligning himself with Campbell says much about both of them.

  • BluesandRoyals

    Whatever happened to Jody McIntyre? Or Ron Broxted?

  • greggf

    JR, I’m going to assume your reference to “establishment lackey” is a parody of the blog custodian you may see as a professional rival.
    Admittedly Guido Fawkes does lower the “tone” sometimes, no pun intended, but he is quite entertaining at other times!

  • reformist lickspittle

    Utter, utter rubbish.

    The Tories were MUCH keener on war with Iraq than Labour, on the whole. The idea the poor innocent dears were “misled” by nasty-wasty Blair and would otherwise have taken a line identical to George Galloway, really *is* one of the most dishonest cynical and downright Goebellsian untruths of our time.

    IDS, then their leader don’t forget, was practically begging for an attack on Iraq just months after Sept 11, doing the bidding of his US neocon friends. I don’t recall Howard – or many other senior Tories – then rushing to disown him.

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