“If we’d just stuck a question mark on it none of this would have happened”

John Rentoul

hated 288x300 If wed just stuck a question mark on it none of this would have happenedJust as I decide to wind up the Questions To Which The Answer Is No series, it secures its greatest triumph.

Matthew Bayley of Sky News reported this morning:

View from Daily Mail newsroom – “If we’d just stuck a question mark after the headline none of this would have happened.”


Hopi Sen asked if the conversation went like this:

Daily Mail sub-editor: “The Levy headline: want question mark on it?”

Dacre: “No! Rentoul will take the mick.”

Well, I can dream, can’t I?

QTWTAIN number 1,001.

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  • mightymark

    You too then eh? How many personas do you need?

  • chrishaines47

    UN written that means NOT written in English.

  • reformist lickspittle

    Don’t get me wrong, I would like it written down as well.

    But the idea that because it isn’t, Britain has *no* constitutional conventions is a popular misconception. We do.

  • chrishaines47

    I gave you an Upvote mostly for cojones. Civil Contingencies Act? Could never be passed in a democracy. Thanks Blair!

  • mightymark

    Hmmmm – the written bit is in “legalese” English perhaps but it is certainly English (actually some may still be in Norman French but not much!). The conventions (i.e. the unwritten part) where explained are certainly in English e.g. in the works of Bagehot, and Dicey, and rather better English than you’ll hear on most UK TV stations today – or even dare I say it, on “Independent” blog sites!

  • chrishaines47

    As many as it takes, there is a war on you know.

  • mightymark

    The only war you seem to have is against a certain female MP!

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