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Alex Johnson

a4d670715c87b528ebff7d485a57f32b69d3060a 300x224 Where is your ideal home?Research from Aviva suggests that while around 30% of people are pretty happy living where they are, given a free choice then 19% would move to Devon or Cornwall.

Of course there are some regional variations – more than 50% of those living in the North West and Yorkshire would prefer The Dales or the Lake District, while only 8% of people in the West Midlands say they would choose the Cotswolds (8%). Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh came top of the 18-24 year olds polled.

Lawrence Hall of, said: “Life in a seaside town or a chocolate box village seems to be a dream at the back of everyone’s mind. Brits want comfort and practicality, but the vast majority want a scenic view and sense of community too. And for many people the South West fits that description particularly well. That dream also seems to exemplify classic British reserve. Rather than a flash mansion or a city penthouse, people want somewhere to retire, write their first novel, or raise a family – with just the right amount of peace and quiet.”

Property stats watch
There’s a huge amount of property data swilling around the interwebs, some of which needs to be taken with a couple of pinches of sodium chloride. As we’ve pointed out repeatedly on this blog, property price indices don’t always tell the whole tale since they use different methods of analysis and, among other issues, are skewed by the inclusion of London or by a small polling sample.

Some information is fascinating. One of the best source of reliable statistical analysis is Neal Hudson from Savills who tweets fascinating and well researched graphs and charts focusing on the property world from his account @resi_analyst (sadly, he has stopped updating his blog which was also excellent). Meanwhile, Shelter point out that if food prices had risen as fast as house prices than a chicken would now cost more than £50.

But some stats are harder to believe than others. Two this week that may very well be accurate but had us pausing for thought were that 5.1m Brits are likely to buy a new home in the next 12 months (source: Santander, just over 2,000 adults polled) and that the average age of a first time buyer in London is now 52 (source: Nutmeg, using information from Maybe. Maybe not.

So every Friday, we’re going to post some of our favourite statistics from the previous week, both the ones that make the headlines and the ones which don’t always get the media attention they deserve…

New property portals
Two newcomers arrived on the scene this week. has been operating solely to the property industry for several months but is now open to the public – it shows which estate agents have done the most deals (in terms of sales and rentals) in any defined area or price range. The second is Propertini which is a more ‘traditional’ listings website, part of a wider international operation.

Cider house
Pictured above is a 4 bedroom cottage for sale at Neds Top, Oldcroft, Lydney, Gloucestershire, on for £450,000 with Parkers. Not only is it in a secluded woodland valley setting with nearly three acres of land, two paddocks, stabling for several horses, and a tack room, but it also has its own and a cider house and press.

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