A reply to Peter Oborne

John Rentoul

normanbaker 300x257 A reply to Peter OborneI can understand why Peter Oborne had trouble making sense of my post yesterday about the move of Norman Baker (pictured) to the Home Office. It included an old post from Independent Blogs in 2009 when it was on LiveJournal, which itself included a footnote that Oborne has assumed is a contemporary addition.

He has obviously forgotten that he contacted me at the time, four years ago, and I added the footnote to make it clear that he did not think that David Kelly had definitely been murdered – merely that this was a possibility. I didn’t think this made him look more sensible, but I was keen not to misrepresent him.

What I cannot understand is that Oborne has trouble making sense of what he himself said four years ago, and which he repeats today:

Lord Hutton failed even in his most basic of tasks, which was to fulfil his remit to examine ‘the circumstances surrounding the death of David Kelly’. Only a tiny proportion of his 700-page report was devoted to examining the weapons expert’s cause of death.

That was because the evidence of suicide was overwhelming.

Worse, Oborne went on, and repeats it now:

Dr Kelly may, of course, have died in the way Lord Hutton suggested – but it was deeply unprofessional of him simply to brush aside so many suspicious factors that might have led to a different conclusion.

He therefore thinks that David Kelly might have been murdered: what other “different conclusion” could there have been? In which case, he must expect to be called a conspiracy theorist.

I have repeatedly tried to persuade Oborne not to make a fool of himself over this, but it has been in vain.

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  • porkfright

    Do you think there are any dynamics?

  • mightymark

    “we now have “The War on Conspiracy Theorists” who are getting too near to various truths for the comfort of some”

    Dream on!

  • chrishaines47

    My theory is Mighty Mark is a police troll. As you say we now have all sort of fog, smoke and mirrors.

  • porkfright

    Well they sure are getting as lot of stick at present in the media-which might indicate something.

  • JohnJustice

    If Dr Kelly was driven to commit suicide it was Gilligan’s distortion of what he said and the media’s attempts to out him (in their usual contemptible fashion) that was largely to blame.

  • mightymark

    Yes – that the media sometimes get things right!

  • mightymark

    If only – at least I’d get paid for consorting with the company here!

  • porkfright

    No- that most of the media are bought-out or sold-up to a person or persons unknown. Goes for a lot of commentators, too.

  • mightymark

    Oh – so who do you think have bought Pilger and Oborne?

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