Great British Bake Off review: Series 5 quarter final

Daisy Wyatt

Oh Christine! How the mighty have fallen. The former favourite became the ninth casualty of the Somerset marquee tonight. The housewife from Oxfordshire, whose baking is perfect enough to turn WI ladies ( including Mary) up and down the country green, had an unlucky week with a split loaf and bland tasting cake.

The competition was fierce during this week’s quarter final, and the bakers were put to a number of unenviable tasks, including baking gluten-friendly loaves and vegetable showstopper cakes with no butter or cheese.

Ruby was named star baker for the third time. The judge’s undying favouritism due largely to her false modesty knows no bounds. She now looks likely to win the competition and will no doubt make for a photogenic book cover. At least she had the decency to speak in favour of her food tonight, calling her carrot and pistachio garden shed cake “a personal best”.

Beca looked in the running with Christine to be sent home. For some unknown reason she had not practised her 3D butternut squash cheese board cake before the showstopper challenge, and Paul said it looked too simple. Mary said it was lacking in flavour and sweetness, which is unusual for this lovable Welsh lass.

Frances was also not flavour of the month for Mary. Her peekaboo cake with edible bulbs and a ‘hidden’ carrot cake tasted too dry, and Mary was annoyed by her accompanying inedible plant pots. After a few successful weeks of wowing with her flavours, the judges said it was a serious case of style over substance once more.

Kimberley was back on form this week after her out-of-place smugness last episode. Her bakes always look sumptuous with big, bold (sometimes boozy) flavours. She is my favourite to win, and was overlooked for star baker again in favour of youngest contestant Ruby.

Her garlic, pesto and parma ham couronne was easily the most exciting bake in the room (as indicated by all the other contestants gawking at her), even if it did not come off quite as she’d hoped. She came second in the very tricky looking technical challenge with her dacquoise, and impressed two harsher-than-normal judges with her spiced butternut squash toadstool cake.

The contestants really excelled with their showstopper 3D vegetable cakes tonight. Have a look again at their impressive talent:

Kimberleys toadstool butternut squash spiced cake Great British Bake Off review: Series 5 quarter final

Kimberley’s toadstool

Becas spiced butternut squash and pecan nut cake Great British Bake Off review: Series 5 quarter final

Beca’s cheeseboard

Rubys carrot cake and pistachio garden plot Great British Bake Off review: Series 5 quarter final

Ruby’s garden shed

Christines sweet potato and marshmallow fondant guitar cake Great British Bake Off review: Series 5 quarter final

Christine’s guitar

Frances Hidden Carrot Cake Great British Bake Off review: Series 5 quarter final

Frances’ hidden carrot cake

  • hello

    under proved and under baked, yet chosen as star baker, no one else under proved and under baked, yet they all lost, not about baking then is it…
    and i have no idea at all why the judges keep attacking Frances – their reasoning; her food looks amazing. good looking baking from the “chosen” and all we hear is; that’s brilliant baking needs too be attractive for people to enjoy it, good looking food makes us want to eat it, that looks amazing can’t wait to try it. but none of the others baking looks as good as Frances, yet she gets attacked for making her baking look inviting to eat.

    It’s a positive when others bake “pretty” food and a negative when Frances bakes “pretty” food – if the judges pick on Frances again this week – the bbc going to get at least one complaint from me.

  • themardler

    One can appreciate that Christine’s baking may be talented but could, like many of us who have baked for a long time, suffer from life time habits that are not going to win competitions..And that those new to baking who have approached it like a new hobby to be perfected rather than to feed people, possibly have more finesse. However,the anti Frances and Beca line is spoiling the programme for me- on one hand Frances’ cake is too intense, another’s is too bland but Ruby’s car crash of an allotment shed with bunged together outside cuts of a sponge is applauded! They get asked to make a vegetable cake with oil and then get panned for the texture-which unless a cake has hardly any vegetable or is rank with raising agent is a characteristic of the product. Either this is all a put up job or the looks Sue has been giving Mary Berry are for real. A programme which includes judging, even if it is entertainment, has to be seen to be scrupulously fair to be seen as genuine. I have a poor opinion of her anyway- a cookery writer who seems to plunder the works of those who went before, tweak them a bit and sell them on. At least Hollywood makes his living doing something other than demonstrating

  • MakeMPsOwnUp

    Well in episode six Christine was saved from being sent home even though her signature bake was inedible which should have seen her out instead of Howard. She had been star baker the week before.

    As to Frances, Berry and Hollywood are right to keep on at her; this is a *baking* competition not a local church flower festival.

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