Norman Baker’s Door: Not Closed Yet

John Rentoul

open door 300x300 Norman Bakers Door: Not Closed YetI have written more than enough about Norman Baker’s absurd ideas about the death of David Kelly already, but there is one other important point that demands to be made.

Baker said to Martha Kearney on BBC Radio 4 The World At One yesterday that he wrote the book, The Strange Death of David Kelly, six years ago and that he had “closed the door on it and I’ve moved on to other things”.

If you had taken six months off from your front-bench duties to research and write a book that suggested someone had been murdered by Iraqis and that this had been covered up by the British secret services, would you say, “That’s history” and “we’ve moved on”, just because your party had fluked into government and you had a ministerial job?

There are only two possibilities. Either Baker realised while researching the book that it was all bunkum but went ahead anyway because there is a market for conspiracy theories. (There was another book recently that crossed my desk by a conspiracy theorist who had concluded that Kelly had taken his own life, so he wrote the book anyway about “even more serious dark secrets” that he had come across during his research.)

Or Baker still believes that Kelly could have been murdered, in which case, if you really thought that such a serious crime might have been committed, would you just shrug your shoulders and say you had “closed the door on it and I’ve moved on to other things”?

Either way, someone whose judgement is so awry is not suited to public office.

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